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Saturday, April 19, 2014


supra vpsem of reticulated red blood cells observed in the dermal wound area at just above 20000x magnification. Note the morphology of the red blood cells that is slightly contracted and form a network with fine mash collagenous fibrils. 2 m scale bar

Ponytail Reminiscene

Ponytail Reminiscene

Conventional TEM photomicrograph of bundles of collagenous fibers in cross-sectional orientation. The 64 nm bending is obvious and well defined. This collagenous orientation was identified in Acanthaster planci integument. Philips CM - 12. Osmicated preparation. 200 Mech Grid with Formvar Film.

''Microscopy Society of Malaysia was officially established in 1991 as Electron Microscopy Malaysia (EMSM) or Persatuan Mikroskopi Elektron Malaysia (PMEM) with Professor Emeritus Dr. Abd. Latiff Ibrahim (from what was known then as Universiti Pertanian Malaysia) as its first President.
The society is the result of the getting and working together of individuals from specific different groups in Malaysia who are interested and/or involved in the field of microscopy and microanalysis, for example individuals in relevant governmental bodies, academic and supporting technical university staff members, researchers, and students. This association has been well received since its inception and its members have increased from year to year. With the advance of technology, the scope of the society has not just been limited to light microscopy and electron microscopy, but also the use of advanced equipment in other imaging fields.
Each year the society will organize a scientific conference in collaboration with specific local higher institution, statutory bodies and private research institutes. The main role of this conference is for it to function as a meeting place for researchers and students to share their research results in the field of microscopy and microanalysis. In addition, it enables mutual exchange of ideas, opinions and information sharing that will assist in the government's vision to develop better human capital in the field.
The association has also annually published the Journal of Microscopy and the MicroSom bulletin. The journal has published selected works presented at the annual Microscopy Conference.
~Assoc. Prof. Dr. Farid Che Ghazali, President Elect 2012-2014''
Malaysian Journal of Microscopy is release now.

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