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The main activity is the annual conference, normally attended by more than 200 participants including renowned invited and keynotes speakers from all over the world. Various academic and non-academic activities are carried out, including poster and micrograph competitions, family day program, and even cruise (if the location permits). During the conference, relevant vendors have booths and they are encouraged to display their latest gadgets. The society also organizes seminars, workshops and talks on the uses and applications of various forms of microscopes for imaging, characterizing and analyzing either biological samples or solid state materials.
Indeed, the society promotes all means of activities associated with microscopy and microanalysis used in biology, biotechnology, medicine, materials science, electronics, various fields of engineering and chemistry.  Most of the members, increasing in numbers each year, come from universities (comprising research students, technical personnel and academicians), research institutes, instrument manufacturers, vendors and industries in Malaysia.  By holding more than 20 odd numbers of annual scientific conferences and various numbers of meetings and seminars the society has facilitated, enhanced contact, consultation and discussion between its members.
The society has long practiced and associated itself with international microscopy societies such as by hosting  the ASEAN Microscopy Conference in 2008 and sending representatives to attend the 15th International Conference of Electron Microscopy, Durban, South Africa in 2002, Microscopy Conference, Graz, Austria 2009, and Asia Pacific Microscopy Conferences (APMS).
The diamond tribute of the society is the publication of its Scopus cited journal, The Malaysian Journal of Microscopy (MJM), a compilation of outstanding research manuscripts related to microscopy.  A bulletin called MicroSom is also available twice a year with news on activities of the society as well as short articles on microscopy: imaging, characterising and analysis.