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Constitution of Microscopy Society Malaysia

This association is called 'PERSATUAN MIKROSKOPI ELEKTRON MALAYSIA' known also as 'ELECTRON MICROSCOPY SOCIETY MALAYSIA' which is abbreviated as PMEM and the constitution will be referred to as the 'Association'.
 Association emblem consists of a white letter 'M' together with the letter E in the red underneath.
The letter 'E' at the top of the foliage firmness means to achieve the goals and progress of the Association.
Consolidation letters 'E' and 'M' symbolize relationships among the members of the Electron Microscopy Society of Malaysia.
Part of the bottom curve symbol means include all the relevant science in Malaysia.
Signature 3.Seseorang be appointed by the General Meeting to be patron of the Association.
Tempat business of the Association and its address is:

    Center for Electron Microscopy and Imaging Systems
    Institute of Bioscience
    Universiti Putra Malaysia
    43400 UPM, Serdang,
   Selangor Darul Ehsan.

or such other address as may be determined by the Executive Committee from time to time and can not be amended except with the consent of the Registrar of Societies in advance.

Full Constitution